• Drawfriend Stuff #1875

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of the awesome things I like about this show is that characters evolve. They just don't fall into permanent roles, they grew and change with the seasons. It keeps us excited and looking forward to what just might come next.

    Pics you guys! Cal here in one of the rare Drawfriends he gets to do. I hope everything is to your liking after the break!

    Update: Fixed. Blame a really sleepy Cal pony.

    [1] Source

    Old Enemies, New Friends by JaDeDJynX

    [2] Source

    The Forgotten Queen by SallyLapone

    [3] Source

    Judy Hopps questions Fluttershy by Robsa990

    [4] Source

    Pinkamena by ELZZombie

    [5] Source

    Maud by midnightpremiere

    [6] Source

    Princess meeting by Aschenstern

    [7] Source

    Princess Ember by Hewison

    [8] Source

    Flutters by Va1ly

    [9] Source

    The Friendship Blues (Screen-Cap Re-Draw) by CTB-36

    [10] Source

    Trixie and SilverWing by Silver-wingx

    [11] Source

    Royal sister's night out by A4R91N

    [12] Source

    Fluttershy Griffon Redesign by FarewellDecency

    [13] Source

    Dashie by sophiecabra

    [14] Source

    Trixie Week-Everyone's a Critic especially Trixie. by PixelKitties

    [15] Source

    Celestial Downfall (Redo) by Evehly

    [16] Source

    Great ideology by RubyHoof

    [17] Source

    Melancholy by Alumx

    [18] Source

    Applebloom's Prayer by Alumx

    [19] Source

    Flutter Pinup by Evehly

    [20] Source

    Bored Twilight by SilentWulv

    [21] Source

    Frilly Derpies by King-Kakapo

    [22] Source

    Applejack by CRPonies

    [23] Source

    Gala Dash by SorcerusHorserus

    [24] Source

    The Student And The Assistant by dSana

    [25] Source

    Spotsign searchers, yay! by Sirzi

    [26] Source

    Pinkie Sketch by vicse

    OC Pony Section

    [27] Source

    Box Com] Getting Ready by Digital--Quill

    [28] Source

    Night Swim by SilentWulv

    [29] Source

    Hard Counter by grethzky

    [30] Source

    [COMMISH] Streaks of Blue by LillyCheese

    [31] Source

    [AT] Adam by LillyCheese

    [32] Source

    Pending Storm by SigmaNas

    [33] Source

    Commission: Crystal Essence by Eosphorite

    [34] Source

    MORE CUDDLES by Ipun

    [35] Source

    Pinku Sakura by erica693992

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