• Cover Art for The WonderBolts Academy Handbook Revealed

    Ah, it's really good to be posting again for you guys! I missed you all!

    Ready for some news? It looks like over on Amazon we've gotten the cover art for The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook that was revealed awhile back! Pretty stylish looking and I've got to say if that is what Rainbow's hoof writing is supposed to look like I can say she definitely writes better than me and I have these goofy things called hands!

    Here is the description of the book for those who missed it before.

    "Attention cadets! This Wonderbolts Academy Handbook once belonged to Rainbow Dash! Along with valuable information on how to become a Wonderbolt, our stellar Pegasus pony added her own notes to help you along. The lessons in here have been passed down for generations, with each generation refining these lessons to better serve you and the institution. You will have much to learn and all staff and senior members of the Wonderbolts are more than willing to guide you. 

    Good luck, have fun, and stay focused!"

    Thanks to Joshua for sending it our way!
    Twitter: Calpain