• MLP: Friends Forever #27 Released Today! - Download Links, Variants, Discussion!

    Back in my day, we didn't have this new fangled thing called the internet! We got our news from the idiot box set up in the living room. And mind you, you were something special if that box had pictures to go with! 

    Don't you think for a second that color was something everybody just saw! Everything was in black and white! From the newspaper, to the flying grey alien with an S on his chest.

    It's sacrilege that they colored him blue and gave him red undies! Who in their right mind wears underwear outside of their knickers! It's called underwear for a reason! They're supposed to go under your pants!

    And why does nothing taste like it should anymore? It's like they've taken the butter—

    Why did I decide to let great uncle Qbert handle the keyboard?

    Anyways, you can probably find a cranky old mare being annoyed by a hyperactive young mare in the links below!

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