• Marks in Time - Early Look at Super and Ultra Rares

    A big part of the fun when new sets of collectible card games come out is finding out what the new rare foil cards are. With new set Marks in Time debuting the first week of June, the hype around new Super Rares and Ultra Rares is building, and so far very few URs have been revealed...

    Well, today we're breaking the silence with four exclusive reveals for Equestria Daily - two Super Rares and two Ultra Rares! Head down below the break for a roundup of all SRs and URs spoiled so far, plus the EQD exclusives.

    Starting with the Super Rares and going through the color wheel, we have SRs in Blue and Orange. This new Night Glider continues her tradition of being on nice cards for aggressive Blue decks that like to solve Problems and win faceoffs. Apple Bloom is one of the three Super Rare Cutie Mark Crusader Friends who helps support decks that use the new Cutie Marking mechanic.

    Minuette is today's other Super Rare debut, and she's hanging out with a particularly naughty looking Starlight Glimmer. Considering how good Minuette is at making friends, she'll probably be fine. Probably.

    In Marks in Time, White finally gets the honor of having the first Super Rare Event in MLP: CCG, and not a bad one at all! And of course here we have grand strategic mind General Celestia leading Equestria into battle against the depraved King Sombra.

    And here's the first Super Rare Troublemaker we've seen from Marks in Time. Lord Tirek starts relatively small, but if you give him the time to grow out of control you'll be in for a rather frightening experience.

    Heading into Ultra Rares, if you've been following Marks in Time spoilers so far then you've seen this new Pinkie Pie, showing off her balancing and juggling prowess as the first UR revealed from the set. The next two though...

    Here we go, the two EQD exclusive Ultra Rare spoilers! Twilight is prepared to fight through all of time and space to stop Starlight Glimmer from changing history, but Starlight is diligent in her preparations to fend off anypony who tries to stop her.

    And here's a new phenomenon for MLP: CCG - an Ultra Rare Event in Blue! This one sends seven elite members of the Equestrian Air Cavalry swooping in to provide valuable air support. Sure they only last until the end of the turn, but there's a lot you can do by putting seven new Friends into play at once, split up between any Problems you might want to solve. With Dilemmas now allowing you to play additional Problems, splitting these seven Friends between three or more Problems can lead to some awesome plays.

    That's all for today - as usual you can stay tuned to the MLP: CCG Twitter and here on EQD's Card label to see more Marks in Time spoilers as they arrive!