• Pony History of the Day: Pony Chiptunes by RC88

    Back in the early days of pony we had little in the way of fandom music. We were far and away from having frequent spotlight posts and Music of the Days here on EqD, but what did come in from time to time was usually gold.

    While we got original music and mixes from the likes of Eurobeat and others, EqD also started to receive chiptunes from an artist named RC88. Creating faithful recreations of the show's songs in 8-bit they became quite popular and over the next two years made tracks for the fandom up till his last release in early 2013 with his version of "Babs Seed".

    So tonight, let's celebrate with some chiptune! Whether you're an old fan of RC88 or just discovering his music for the first time, I hope you guys find his music enjoyable after the break.

    [1] Source

    My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic Theme (8-Bit) by RC88

    [2] Source

    You've Got To Share (8-Bit) by RC88

    [3] Source

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme (8-Bit) by RC88

    [4] Source

    Cupcakes (8-bit) by RC88

    [5] Source

    Giggle At the Ghosties (8-Bit) by RC88

    [6] Source

    Winter Wrap Up (8-Bit) by RC88

    [7] Source

    Evil Enchantress - Pinkie Pie Version (8-bit) by RC88

    [8] Source

    Art Of The Dress (8-Bit) by RC88

    [9] Source

    Hush Now Quiet Now - Fluttershy's Lullaby (8-Bit) by RC88

    [10] Source

    At The Gala (8-Bit) by RC88

    [11] Source

    Pinkies Singing Telegram (8-bit) by RC88

    [12] Source

    Pony Pokey (8-Bit) by RC88

    [13] Source

    So Many Wonders (8-Bit) by RC88

    [14] Source

    Pinkies Parasprite Polka (8-Bit) by RC88

    [15] Source

    The Best Place For Me (8-Bit) by RC88

    [16] Source

    The Crusaders Go Crusading (8-Bit) by RC88

    [17] Source

    Twilight Is My Bestest Friend (8-Bit) by RC88

    [18] Source

    Find A Pet (8-Bit) by RC88

    [19] Source

    Find A Pet (8-Bit) - Without Speaking Voices by RC88

    [20] Source

    Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) (8-Bit) by RC88

    [21] Source

    Smile Smile Smile (Pinkie's Smile Song) (8-Bit) by RC88

    [22] Source

    Babs Seed (8-Bit) by RC88


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