• Patreon Award Celebration Post! - April

    If you missed the last few weeks of news, EQD is now on Patreon. For an explanation on why we would do this, head on over to the announcement post!

    As part of the first few tiers of the reward list, we will have a monthly post with completely open submissions for all that just want to plug their own thing. We have a few changes though for the next round based on what we learned here so far:

    Changes going forward:
    • All tiers can now submit a personal message short 140 character for the monthly celebration post. 
    • The monthly banner ad slot for creators has been split off and is now $45. Note: This is not for licensees or commercial entities. Only for commissions, etsy creator shops, and other solo fandom creator things.   
    • Conventions and large events now have an ad slot. 
    • Editorials have been bumped down to 3 per month

    We are looking for new ideas all the time for this. If you have some, hit the comments up! 

    I'm beyond amazed at how many people are taking part in this. It's so difficult to gauge how well people like EQD these days with how few people tend to speak up, and this is humbling to say the least! Thanks to everyone that donates! And if you can't donate, thanks for just coming here!

    Now go get your tier stuff below. As a reminder, be sure to submit a custom message with yours next month for this post to liven it up a bit!

    Note: If you haven't submit yours yet, and there are a lot of people, feel free to send it and I'll edit it in. 

    If you were part of a different tier, please send a message on patreon for your reward! 

    Tier 1 - Links!

    Our tier 1 section allowed a simple personal page link, though some just wanted their name for now. Thanks to these dudes for helping! Every bit counts! 

    Specially Trained Derp
    Christian Archbelt
    Clément "Scamper" Charlot
    Stainless Key (dsana) 

    Tier 2 - Images!

    Any image welcome! Pick your favorite art, or plug your OC! Go nuts.

    (Donator: Amino)

    (Donator: Arcane Scroll)

    (Donator - Sean)

    (Donator: Hawthornbunny) 

    Donator: Rezakozen
    (He said choose and image and I CHOSE!)

    Donator: Silent Dash

    Tier 3 - Video!

    Any video welcome. Unfortunately only one person actually submit their video!

    Madhouse Cinema with Ray Ferrier Episode 1: Rock, It's Your Decision


    General credit additions for the upcoming credit page (once the art is done for it):

    Clément "Scamper" Charlot
    Christian Archbelt
    Arcane Scroll
    Bill Ames

    Trixie is best.