• Possible Flood of Pony Albums Hitting Amazon Tomorrow - Could This Be the Cause of the Sony Shutdowns?

    We may have a reason for the sudden influx of Sony copyright strikes over on Youtube. The mobile version of Amazon on both Kindle and phone's is listing a bunch of new release albums for the next two days. Included in this pile are the following available for pre-order:

    • Equestria Girls (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
    • Equestria Girls Collection
    • Friendship is Magic Collection
    • Friendship is Magic: Songs of Harmony (Music From the Original TV series) 
    • Equestria Girls; Rainbow Rocks
    • Friendship is Magic: Songs of Ponyville 

    The odd thing is their varying release dates, showing different on Kindle Vs. normal mobile. They aren't listed on the actual website. Oddly enough, most of the songs from these and some of albums as a whole are already available, released years ago. 

    The plot thickens!

    Thanks to Bryan for sending it.