• More Equestria Girls Mini Figures Appear on Taobao, Plus Gloriosa Daisy and Rarity Gala Dolls

    Equestria Girls Mini Glitter ApplejackEquestria Girls Mini Glitter Pinkie Pie

    We haven't posted a Taobao leak in a while. Ever since Hasbro shifted the bulk of their factories to India, pony stuff seems to have dried up. Equestria Girls is apparently still floating around over there though, with a few of the upcoming "Glitter" figures, as well as the Pinkie Pie sleepover set appearing on the site.

    And joining them, we have some images of the upcoming Legends of Everfree Gloriosa and Rarity dolls. 

    Head on down below for images of all of it!

    Equestria Girls Mini Glitter Pinkie Pie Sleepover

    Equestria Girls Mini Glitter Rainbow Dash

    Glorisa Daisy Doll Legends of Everfree

    Rarity Daisy Doll Legends of Everfree

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