• 5 Reasons Why TRIXIE IS BEST

    5 Reasons Why TRIXIE IS BEST

    Every time I go to a convention and we run an EQD panel, the same question pops up: Why do you love The GREATEST and MOST POWERFUL unicorn in ALL OF FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC so much? When phrased like that, you wonder why it's a question at all! I don't think anyone can top Trixie's sheer incredibleness. Why question it? Just accept it.

    And so, we dive into the wonderful world of Trixie. Be AMAZED. Be ENTERTAINED. Go get it below.



    If the Amazing and Unstoppable Trixie ever decided to take over the world, know that every waking moment would be absolutely oozing with entertainment. Her number one goal in life is to provide you with JOY. Joy of carrying around her carriage. Joy of massaging her hooves. Joy of fetching groceries for her. Joy of erecting statues in her honor.  Joy of fighting other nations in her glorious name.

    Equestria would be the happiest place in in the universe. A Trixie run country is one brimming with endless possibilities to please TRIXIE, and what could bring on more exuberance than that?! Why have goals when you can spend your time feeding off her positive vibes?

    Fall into Trixie filled bliss! TRIXIE 2016- INFINITY. MAKE EQUESTRIA GREAT AGAIN.



    Remember back in kindergarten when everyone was voting on their favorite color? Who won? BLUE! It was always blue! We weren't edgy enough to shift to black yet and blue is the SKY. Who doesn't love the sky? Who doesn't love a pony colored like the sky?

    And what about snowcone or otter pop day? What flavor did everyone and their sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, and whoever else who came for snowcone day immediately flock to? BLUE Raspberry!

    What color is the ocean? What would we do without the ocean? What would we do without Trixie? Starve of course. She feeds you her awesomeness to help fuel you on a day to day basis.Without her constant presence, the tank that feeds your determination would run dry in just a few hours.

    And don't forget about her glorious silver mane. Gold is gaudy. It always has been. When you see someone rockin a bunch of gold, no one takes them seriously. It's like one of those terribad fake pawn shop shows on TV. The high class individuals deal in silver! The obnoxious people try to pass fake gold!

    Silver is the material of CHAMPIONS, and having a silver mane makes Trixie a CHAMPION.



    Haven't you ever felt the urge to do something incredible?! Have you sat at home watching Youtube video after Youtube video of people doing amazing things and wishing you had the same level of talent to do something that impresses everyone? Trixie lives this every single day! You can relate to Trixie by embracing that inner excellence and wanting to improve yourself and be as perfect as her!

    Next time you are out and about afraid to do something for fear of rejection, just think... "What Would Trixie Do?" I guarantee you will feel the universe itself open up to your limitless potential after saying that five times fast, and NOTHING will be impossible.

    Relate to Trixie by being the best you can be!



    Imagine if you will, a world where literally everypony rejects and is against you. Where both adults and kids alike heckle and call you a failure. This was Trixie's life before she even got a cutie mark!

    How would Apple Bloom react if Applejack said she'd never amount to anything and end up getting a job pulling weeds?
    How would Scootaloo react if Rainbow Dash told her she could never, ever fly and should go get a job pulling weeds?
    How would Sweetie Belle react if Rarity told her she was terrible at singing, and she should go get a job pulling weeds?
    How would Diamond Tiara react if her mother cut her off from all her money and told her to go get a job pulling weeds?

    This is what TRIXIE had to deal with, but from ALL OF EQUESTRIA. Think about the level of determination required to conquer crowds of ponies, and one of the most important in all of Canterlot telling you that you are terrible and need to get a job pulling weeds.

    She conquered that
    She succeeded
    She beat the Ursa Major

    Trixie is a hero. 



    It literally says it in her full name - GREAT AND POWERFUL. How would her parents know to name her that if it wasn't true? Trixie was DESTINED for greatness, which is why she was accepted and graduated from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns at the top of her class. Yes, she was top of her class before she was even admitted. I didn't screw up that sentence.

    Starlight Glimmer? Twilight Sparkle? Forget those two. Book smart and studying does not equal TRUE POWER. Trixie came in and absolutely clobbered the mane 6 better than any other pony ever could have with a repertoire of spells that would make Starswirl himself envious.

    Of course, with GREAT power comes GREAT responsibility, and a pony of Trixie's caliber knows that unleashing her true super-pony five level of energy would make unicorns, earth ponies, pegasus, alicorns, and even bat ponies around the world obsolete. She understands her role in the world and how to only reveal her true, godlike form if there is no other alternative. She has stopped seven meteors. You just don't hear about it because she hides it so well.

    She intelligently doesn't overdo her excellence
    She humbly lets other ponies excel
    She benevolently doesn't take over Equestria... for now
    She generously donates to charity once a year.
    She compassionately gives orphan foals important internship stage jobs that look really good on their resumes 

    Trixie is all this, and more. The most humble pony in all of Equestria.