• Friend Off Round 4 Art and Story Compilation

    Oops... Cal screwed up and is now just getting around to posting this. With how busy things got right after the season premiered, on top of school, I admit I forgot about putting this together. We've got 17 entries this time around, down a bit from the last one in August, but still a noble effort for everyone involved.

    Make sure to let me know if anything is broken or mislinked! I think I got everything, but just in case.

    I'll be dividing this post into two sections, one for stories based on pictures and one for pictures based on stories. Check them all out after the break and thanks again for participating! 

    Pictures Based on Stories
    Original Story: Wyrmlysan
    Artist: Metallic-Roselle

    Original Story: Past Sins
    Artist: Silver Wind

    Original Story: Stardust
    Artist: Alex

    Original Story: Feedback
    Artist: Owl-Feather27

    Original Story: 'Til Sunday Do Us Part
    Artist: Celly

    Original Story: My Little Dashie
    Artist: Silver Wind

    Original Story: Spike on Strike
    Artist: Flourret

    Original Story: Harmony Theory
    Artist: HydrusBeta

    Original Story: Celestia Isn't Real
    Artist: DeusExEquus

    Stories Based on Pictures
    Original Artist: demdoodles
    Story Written: Trixie's Best Fanfiction Ever

    "Trixie decided to start a fanfiction and asks her girlfriend, Twilight, to ‘proofread’ it… turns out that the story isn't that great. It seems that there's some misunderstanding among them, and Trixie can't believe Twilight's doubting her so called "masterpiece"! Now Twilight is doubting about what this story's really about..."

    Original Artist: NCMares
    Story Written: The Alicorn, The Lord, and the Katana

    "Princess Twilight finds herself summoned through the mirror for a difficult test of friendship versus violence as an old foe once again threatens her friends and the world.  With no friendship magic available, can Twilight make do with a sword?"

    Original Artist: AwesomeCoolWhip
    Story Written: More A Mother Than Most

    "Twilight Velvet loves her daughter with all her heart, but she feels inadequate. Velvet can't help but feel like she is not good enough for Twilight Sparkle, wondering if she can even compare to what Celestia provides. But what does Twilight think?"

    Original Artist: gor1ck
    Story Written: Silk Hiding Leather

    Original Artist: Ruhje
    Story Written: A Daybreak's Walk

    "Sometimes, ponies get caught up in the hustle and bustle of their daily activities, and don't take time to appreciate the gifts of nature. All it takes is a bit of effort, like a walk alone in the morning, and you'll be surprised at the refreshing, calming, and inspiring qualities nature in its purest form can bring."

    Original Artist: Vulpessentia
    Story Written: Searching for a Friend

    "When Maud loses track of Boulder during a geology conference in Baltimare, she'll do whatever it takes to find him and bring him back home."

    Original Artist: SunsetMajka626
    Story Written: Sunset Glimmer

    Original Artist: Mistydash
    Story Written: The Forgiving Lesson

    "After the crystalling, after the banquets, after the private party, Starlight gets her chance to be alone with Sunburst.  They realize that they share two things in common: their friendship and a different perspective on what happened that day he got his cutie mark.  It leaves the closeness Starlight desires in peril."

    Twitter: Calpain