• Fluttershy Day Arrives!

    I just couldn't say no to this little piece of pixel art of Fluttershy, especially for Fluttershy Day! Welcome again my friends to another EqD Character Appreciation Day, this time celebrating Fluttershy, our kind yellow pegasus. We hope to be bringing you all a day filled with Fluttershy plushies, music, pics and more along with our regularly posted news so stay tuned everyone!

    If you have some last minute submissions for us be sure to send them in to submit@equestriadaily.com! We'd love to see what you dig up.

    As is always asked for these posts, I do indeed have the other main ponies figured out with our next character day celebrating Pinkie Pie on May 17th which is World Baking Day! Check the list I have so far below and feel free to give suggestions for other characters you want to see days for.

    Pinkie Pie - World Baking Day - May 17th
    Fluttershy - Arbor Day or Earth Day
    Applejack - Cider Season (October mainly)
    Spike - Appreciate a Dragon Day - Jan 16th
    Cadance and Shining - Valentines Day
    Rainbow Dash - Birthaversary - Feb 1st
    Twilight - Friendship Day - August 7
    Rarity - Fashion Week - September 8
    Sunset Shimmer - Fall Equinox - September 22
    Celestia - Summer Solstice
    Luna - Winter Solstice

    Have a good one guys!

    Twitter: Calpain