• Trixie's Cutie Mark Origin Story Revealed in Official European Pony Comic!

    The Greatest and Most Powerful unicorn in ALL of Equestria got a whole bunch of love out of the European magazine recently. So much love, that her cutie mark origin story was revealed in comic form.

    We don't have a translation yet, but you can probably follow along well enough just by looking at the pictures. The CMC ask her about her cutie mark origin story, and Trixie delivers in full!

    Go get it down below, complete with adorable filly Trixie in all her great and powerful glory.

    Thanks to Sacha for the heads up!

    Translation from the comments:

    [Page 1, panel 1]
    Title: Trixie never gives up!
    Caption: The Cutie Mark Crusaders prepared a play for their friends after school. They hoped to earn their cutie marks, but their flanks remained desperately blank.
    Scootaloo: We didn’t do well!
    Sweetie Belle: We’ll never get our cutie marks!
    Apple Bloom: Don’t be silly, everypony gets one eventually!
    [Page 2, panel 1]
    Apple Bloom: Even Trixie has one! We should take a leaf out of her book.
    [Page 2, panel 2]
    Sweetie Belle: Er… I’m not sure if…
    Scootaloo: What do you mean, “a leaf out of her book”?!
    [Page 2, panel 3]
    Apple Bloom: Remember when we met her?
    Sweetie Belle: Yeah, we were trying to get cutie marks in gymnastics…
    Scootaloo: And it failed, as always…
    [Page 2, panel 4]
    Caption: One day, in the Everfree Forest…
    Apple Bloom: This doesn’t make any sense!
    Sweetie Belle: I think you’re right…
    Scootaloo: Let’s try something else.
    [Page 2, panel 5]
    Caption: Suddenly, Trixie appeared…
    Trixie: Don’t give up. Look at the Great and Powerful Trixie!
    [Page 3, panel 1]
    Caption: And she told the three friends a story…
    [Page 3, panel 2]
    Trixie: When I was younger, I waited so long to get my cutie mark… I dreamed to become the most powerful itinerant magician in Equestria.
    [Page 3, panel 3]
    Filly Trixie: This looks like the perfect place for a start!
    [Page 3, panel 4]
    Caption: So Trixie began in the small town of Appleloosa. She had the whole gear…
    [Page 3, panel 5]
    Caption: … and gave her very first performance.
    [Page 3, panel 6]
    Grey pony: I wonder what she’s going to do…
    Beige pony: We’ll see!
    [Page 4, panel 1]
    Filly Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie is going to make a group of birds fly out of this box!
    [Page 4, panel 3]
    Filly Trixie: Stop it! Now!
    [Page 4, panel 4]
    Yellow pony: What a loser!
    Big Mac (?): This is a performance for kids!
    [Page 4, panel 5]
    Filly Trixie: What a shame…
    [Page 4, panel 6]
    Caption: Trixie then decided to find a better audience, who would appreciate her tricks.
    Filly Trixie: Rainbow Falls should do. Let’s go.
    [Page 5, panel 1]
    Caption: And her performance in Rainbow Falls went like clockwork.
    Filly Trixie: I am the Great and Powerful Trixie!
    Green Rarity (?): Awesome, well done, Trixie!
    [Page 5, panel 2]
    Caption: Except a pony broke the set…
    [Page 5, panel 3]
    Derpy: Oops!
    [Page 5, panel 4]
    Filly Trixie: What did you just do?!
    [Page 5, panel 5]
    Filly Trixie: Tss… An artist like me should only perform on large scenes, not here!
    [Page 6, panel 1]
    Caption: So Trixie went to Manehattan to give a fantastic performance in Bridleway, to a less corny audience.
    [Page 6, panel 2]
    Filly Trixie: Now, this is where the Great and Powerful Trixie belongs: the biggest theater in Equestria!
    [Page 6, panel 3]
    Filly Trixie: Welcome, everypony!
    [Page 6, panel 4]
    Caption: Everything went smoothly, even the last trick, where Trixie disappeared in a smokescreen.
    [Page 6, panel 5]
    Fancy Pants: You think you did well? What an amateur!
    Filly Trixie: But… you didn’t like it?
    [Page 6, panel 6]
    Fancy Pants: This is a scene for artists!
    [Page 7, panel 1]
    Caption: Trixie was depressed. Even here, nopony appreciated her talent.
    Filly Trixie: Maybe magic isn’t my thing after all…
    [Page 7, panel 2]
    Apple Bloom: Remember what happened next?
    [Page 7, panel 3]
    Filly Trixie: No! The Great and Powerful Trixie will not back off!
    [Page 7, panel 4]
    Filly Trixie: She will never give up!
    [Page 7, panel 5]
    Filly Trixie: She’s going to show them what she can do!
    [Page 7, panel 6]
    Caption: She practiced, again and again…
    Filly Trixie: My cutie mark, finally!
    [Page 7, panel 7]
    Roseluck: Great, Trixie, you’re the best!
    [Page 8, panel 1]
    Apple Bloom: You see? Trixie worked so hard that she finally got her cutie mark.
    Scootaloo: But she knew what she wanted to do. We have no idea!
    Sweetie Belle: Maybe we gave up too soon?
    [Page 8, panel 2]
    Scootaloo: Exactly! Trixie never threw up her hooves, even after she failed. She wanted so much to become a magician…
    [Page 8, panel 3]
    Apple Bloom: We have to try again. Let’s perform our play again.
    [Page 8, panel 4]
    Caption: And here are our three friends, practicing again before their next play.
    Sweetie Belle: Let’s work, Cutie Mark Crusaders!
    Apple Bloom: We can do it!
    Scootaloo: We’ll make it this time!
    (WOW. Ponies are kinda douchebags aren't they?)