• The Great and Powerful 4DE Trixie Plushie Now Available!

    4de Trixie Plushie Pre-orders Now Available - Trixie No Cape/HatThe Great and Powerful Trixie 4de Plushie With Cape Available now
    CITIZENS OF EQUESTRIA DAILY. It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of the Greatest and Most Powerful pre-order event ever! The Almighty and Incredible Trixie has opened up over on their web store. Each one comes with the cape and hat as default, with the option to remove them.

    Perhaps they saw her origin story earlier. The sad tale of a filly Trixie trying her best to be a performer, which douchebag horses everywhere told her pre-cutie mark self to give up. What a bunch of monsters. Ponies really can be evil sometimes. Obviously this lead to cheering her up with pre-orders.

    Joining Trixie, all other ponies are currently 20% off if you want to bulk order some for valentines day, as announced in their post over here. Just toss SuperSale in at checkout.  

    Go get some Trixie over here!