• Pony Spotlight #11 - Blossomforth

    Howdy, folks. TheSlorg here with another Pony Spotlight. This time we're doing something a little different.

    You see, I noticed something upon going back through the previous ten Spotlights. We've had five unicorns, five earth ponies... and zero pegasi! Clearly this oversight must immediately be corrected! Pegasi are humans, too! I mean, ponies. Whatever.

    The first pegasus to be featured is none other than Blossomforth. Who's Blossomforth, you say? Head on down below the break to find out!

    Name: Blossomforth
    Aliases: None
    Cutie Mark: Pink and blue flowers
    Appearances: 4 (kind of)
    First Appearance: Hurricane Fluttershy
    Speaking Roles: It's complicated (see below)
    Random Fact: Blossomforth is one of the first ponies to be released as a G4 toy first, and then appear on the show.


    In the beginning, there was a pony. Her name was Blossomforth, or at least that's what was printed on the package. She had a face that, frankly, was identical to many others. But her mane was pink and green, and it was glorious! Surely children of all ages would like to buy such a pony.

    Yes, in the beginning, Blossomforth was a toy. She came packaged with a purple wagon, a yellow comb, and a pink hedgehog. The back of the package stated that Blossomforth loves the sunshine, and that her job is to push the clouds out of the sky whenever they hide the sun for too long. This is, admittedly, far more personality than most of the toys get printed on their packaging.

    So before she was even in the show we know that her love of sunshine led her to seek out a form of employment that would ensure that she gets to enjoy as much of it as possible. Or perhaps it's just a coincidence, but if we just left things as coincidences we wouldn't have Lyra and Sweetie Drops becoming best friends just because they happened to stand next to each other a few times, would we? It's not like Blossomforth's absolute love of the sun means that she's the secret head of the Princess Celestia fan club or anything. Right?


    It's a good thing she has wings.


    What better way to grow a character than to actually have her appear in the show? Blossomforth's first appearance in-show was season two's Hurricane Fluttershy as part of Rainbow Dash's group charged with creating a tornado. While the pegasi prepare, she is seen stretched into a pony pretzel as Rainbow comments, "A little too much flexibility, Blossomforth." She is seen later on just before Twilight measures each pegasus's wing power. Immediately following a cough, Twilight frowns and sprays Thunderlane with some kind of germ spray, and mentions how important a germ-free environment is. Thunderlane blames Blossomforth, who is seen giggling after his chastisement. A moment later, she tries to hide a cough of her own.

    This tells us that Blossomforth has a bit of a mischievous side since, regardless of whether or not Thunderlane was the first to cough, Blossomforth thought it was funny that he was called out on it. She also has no problems trying to cover something up if it keeps her out of trouble.

    While unconfirmed, we may also know what Blossomforth's initial wing power is. In the short montage of ponies testing their wing power, Twilight is shown writing numbers next to pony silhouettes. She writes 9.7 next to a silhouette matching Blossomforth's head shape and one of her mane colors. If this is indeed her initial wing power, then Blossomforth has a fairly strong starting wing power, tying Thunderlane for third behind Rainbow Dash at 16.5 and an unnamed pegasus with 9.9. Not shabby!

    Supporting this is the fact that later on, eight pegasi are ruled out from the tornado flight due to them getting the 'feather flu.' Among those missing are Thunderlane and Blossomforth. Early in the episode, Rainbow states that a total of 800 wing power is needed to lift the water out of the reservoir, Fillydelphia holds the record with 910 wing power, and that she thinks they can reach 1000 wing power. She later states that she's confident they'll smash Fillydelphia's record with the numbers they've come up with.

    With the eight pegasi missing, we see that Rainbow's group can't even reach the minimum eight hundred needed to clear the reservoir. This means that the missing eight pegasi combine for at least 110 wing power, and possibly up to 200 if they met Rainbow's goal of one thousand wing power. If you assume that the eight pegasi had roughly equal wing power, then Blossomforth reaches somewhere between 13.75 and 25 wing power. If you put her right smack in the middle, her estimated final wing power is 19.375. This means she and Thunderlane doubled their initial wing powers. Those are some hard working pegasi! No wonder they got ill.

    This. Someone make this a thing. Now.

    Current Status

    Blossomforth was meant to make her glorious return in season four's Rainbow Falls. In the script, she was meant to be the pony standing next to Thunderlane who says, "Good luck, Rainbow Dash. Sorry we couldn't fly with you in the aerial relay, but the air sprinters needed us, too." It was to be her first significant speaking role other than her previous cough, but the animators accidentally put a similar pony named Helia in there, instead. She is still credited as Blossomforth in the end credits, and voiced by Kelly Metzger.

    Interestingly, this appearance would have further strengthened the idea that Blossomforth and Thunderlane are two of the strongest flyers behind Rainbow Dash, as following their appearance, Twilight mentions to Rainbow how it's nice that she chose not to be on one of the strongest teams.

    She has a brief appearance in the foreground in Inspiration Manifestation, where she shields her eyes from the golden road that Rarity created. Her last appearance was in season five's The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows, where she and Thunderlane can be seen sitting under a tree near the lake with a wrapped gift between them. Is it a possible romance, or just a friendly picnic?

    Blossomforth! A flexible, strong flying pegasus with a love of the sun and a mischievous streak! What are your favorite Blossomforth moments? Which pony might you like to see in the next Spotlight? Let me know in the comments below!

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