• Pony Month In Review - 50+ Events That Happened in March 2016!

    As part of the Month in Review series, we continue on with March. With season 6 Popping a surprise air date at the beginning, we got FLOODED WITH NEWS. We even had a Trump post. Why did we have a Trump post? Rainbow Dash doesn't seem too thrilled even if you all were.

    We also had a ton of fan animations. Seems like that was the theme this time around.

    Go get your month in review below!

    March Starts with Derpy Day! 

    Go get derped over here

    Interview with Hasbro VP Mike Vogel

    Mike Vogel Interview

    Get it over here!

    Turn Back Time

    So majestic Dashie~ Get it here

    Pony Graphic Novel Starswirl Academy Comes out of Hibernation with New Chapter on the Way

    Details over here!

    The Goddesses of Equestria - Editorial Series

    Get part one here, and part 2 here!

    Final Fantasy 6 Pony Mod Gets a Revamp

    Relive the good days over here, revamped!

    Animation: Magic Falls

     Ponifying the awesome Gravity falls! Go get it.

    Episode Reveals! Lots of Stuff Coming Up! 

    Episode 1 / 2 - The Crystalling 
    Episode 3 - A Gift For Maud Pie 
    Episode 4 - On Your Marks
    Episode 5 - Gauntlet of Fire
    Episode 6 - No Second Prances 
    Episode 7 - Newbie Dash

    Daily Wut..


    World of Equestria Webpage Continues Updates with Ponyville

     I wonder what else we will see this season? Get it here.

    Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer! 

    My Little Pony Gets the Game of Thrones Treatment in New Season 6 Promo!

     Clearly awesome.

    Hasbro Celebrates Fashion Week with Crazy Pony Designs

    Go get it over here

    Lyra and Bonbon and the Mares From S.M.I.L.E. Releases

    Lyra and Bonbon and the Mares From S.M.I.L.E Book Cover

    Get the download link on Amazon here

    Pony Appears in Transformers

    Get the video here!

    The Gift of Maud Pie was an episode, This one Probably is Too - The Dragons on Dazzle Island

     Maud Pie was revealed in book form long before we got the episode synopsis. This is the same template. Check the infos here!

    Silver Quill Joins EQD to Review Comics! 

    Check out his reviews over here

    Claw Machines Being Taken Over By Ponies

    Close image and info here!

    Character Hint from Big Jim...

    Interesting hint! Go check out the infos.

    New Friendship is Magic Collection Spa Sets Appear on Amazon

    Lots of New Friendship is Magic Collection Sets Appear on Amazon - Spa Sets, Photo Finish, and More
    Get the infos on it over here!

    Collage of ALL PONIES


    M.A. Larson, Natasha Levinger Not Involved in Season 6, 

    Larson and Levinger won't be involved in season 6. Information on that here. Ed Valentine will be though!

    Trixie's Mom Revealed! What Do You Want Her Name To Be?

     Check it here!

    Mane 6 Backstories Coming in Season 6!

    Pony Parents ON THE WAY.

    The 7th My Little Pony CCG Expansion Revealed

    The 7th My Little Pony CCG Expansion Revealed - Marks in Time

    Go check it out here!

    PlayStation Vue Adds Discovery Family on Cheapest Package

     Go check it out here!

    28 Bronies Team Up For Episode Collab

    Get it over here!

    Friendship is Magic #40 Releases! 

    Get it over here!

    Friends Forever #26 Hits Stores Early

    Infos over here!

    EQD Interviews Supervising Director Big Jim Miller

    Check it out here!

    Playsets for Explore Equestria Appear at KMart

    Get it over here!

    Sweetie Bot is Now a Real, Actual Thing

     Check it out here!

    Starlight Glimmer was originally Aurora Glimmer

    Find out why it changed here!

    Animation - In Your Dream

     Moony is Moon

    Friendship is Magic Nightmare Night Collection Pieces Have Started Appearing on Amazon and Ebay

    My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Collection Muffin PonyMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Collection Princess Luna

    Zecora on Ebay
    Small Story Packs
    Nightmare Night Collection 4 Packs on Entertainment Earth

    Awesome PMV - Kiss The Sky

    Watch it here!

    Weird Lesbian Horse Girl Game On the Way

    Yep.. wut? Get it here.

    Lauren Faust Goes Crazy on Twitter

     Tons of oddities over here!

    Dinky's Destiny getting Rebooted in "Moonbow" 

    Get the animatic over here!

    Lauren Faust Reveales One Transgender Pony in Season 1

    Go guess with everyone here!

    Robot Chicken Releases MLP Segment


    Actually it has nothing to do with that. Get it here

    Amy Keating Rogers Explains Early Show Alicorns

     Check it here!

    EQD Review with M.A. Larson

    Check it out over here!

    My Little pony Comic #41 Preview

    iTunes Preview for Friendship is Magic Comic #41iTunes Preview for Friendship is Magic Comic #41

    Check it out over here!

    Donald Trump is Now Fluttershy


    Five Season 6 Predictions! 

    Check it out here!

    What I Learned This Other Time (Season 5 Animation) 

    Check it here!

    New Book - The Wonderbolts Handbook On the Way

    Check it out here!

    Exclusive EQD Reveal - Friends Forever #29

    Friends Forever 29 CoverFriends Forever 29 Sub Cover
    *insert favorite rock quote here*—Rarity/Maud Pie, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

     Get the infos over here!

    Friendship is Magic #43 Revealed! 

    Friendship is Magic 43 Sub CoverFriendship is Magic 43 Regular CoverFriendship is Magic 43 Retailer Incentive Cover

    Check it out over here!

    The Unofficial Season 5 Soundtrack - 260 Songs! 

     Go get it over here!

    Power Puff Girls Goes Pony

    Check it out here!

    Trixie Megalovania

    The best of videos.

    TONS of things were posted this month from the fandom, a bit too much for this post alone. Check out the tags at the top of the page in the navigation bar for loads more. We were particulary active in the animation category.

    Lots of Pony Spotlights! 

    Starlight Glimmer
    Twilight Velvet
    Twist (With interview with her VA!) 

    Tons of Pony History! 

    Check it out in the tag here!

    EQD Might be Launching a Patreon Soon. Get Your Feedback in For It Here

    More info to come on this one. For now, go complain/praise/suggest over here!


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    Super detailed stats over here!

    Thanks to Matthew for compiling them. 

    Sweet Velvet is best OC