• Who Do You Think the Transgender Pony in Season One Was?

    Yesterday, Lauren Faust had a bunch of fun on Twitter revealing all sorts of silly fake lore for pony. Obviously, everything was fake, but later on she did note that one particular tweet was actually true:

    Basically, a pony, at least in Lauren's eyes, was trans in season one.

    Head on down below the break for some of the theories brewing already!

    One option is Caramel, since his design did change quite a bit throughout the first season. This could have simply been his color and mark being re-used though, as was common back then. Since season one, he has appeared many times throughout the episodes as a male, including season 2 which Lauren still worked on.

    Another theory is Sapphire Shores here, who has always had a unique, tall model with a snout that is almost a cross between a stallion and a mare. She doesn't have quite as much traction as Caramel, but it's enough to make a note of it.

    And finally, we already have confirmation that a certain blue magician was originally a male before being switched for a female pony in the script. I'm reluctant to bring her up as she is the GREATEST AND MOST POWERFUL pony ever, but it's a thing. She also has one eye dot, which doesn't really happen in mares and almost always happens in stallions.

    Lauren didn't specify if it was a mare going stallion or a stallion going mare, so feel free think outside the box. Who do you think the season 1 trans pony was?