• Scootaloo Not Really An Orphan?

    Out of all the silliness that happened on Lauren's twitter yesterday we actually got a little tidbit of information on how Lauren viewed Scootaloo in her version of the show. While people thought she was joking as it came among all the silly tweets she put up at about the same time things started to take an interesting turn.

    Check on after the break for the rest of the tweets and what Lauren had to say about Scootaloo and her family.

    Thanks to CMC_Scootaloo for the detective work!

    First off, Lauren clarified that what she said about Scoots wasn't meant to be funny but was how she saw the little orange pegasus. Nice in its own right that Lauren had something planned for Scoots in the future, but having been off the show for so long it seemed a bit like a shot in the dark. That is until Jim Miller stepped in and gave his two cents.

    While it isn't set in stone, the orphan theory that has propagated through the fandom might not be as accurate as some of us have come to believe. While this doesn't mean she WON'T end up an orphan, the fact that the show runners still take into consideration Lauren's original ideas for certain characters makes a fleshed out family a possibility.

    Cool what can pop up out of chaos, huh?

    Source for last long Twitter thread

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