• My Little Pony Season 6 Episodes 1 And 2 Revealed - The Crystalling - Synopsis

    We have episode synopsis and titles for both the season 6 intro arriving this morning! It's following a theme we kind of already expected from previous teasers in the first slot, then gets interesting.


    Below the break, get all the infos as always!

    Season 6 Episode 1 - The Crystalling Part 1
    The Mane Six attend the Crystalling of Cadence and Shining Armor's new baby at the Crystal Empire; Twilight gets the chance to present Starlight with her first friendship lesson.
    Season 6 Episode 2 - The Crystalling Part 2
    The Mane Six scramble to save the Crystal Empire from an eternal winter; Starlight struggles after the failed reunion with her old friend. 

    Zap2it still shows a March release date for both of these, but we don't have confirmation on that yet. 

    Follow the season 6 label for more infos on everything! 

    Thanks to Maik and Masem for sending it!