• Possible Season 6 Episode Revaled in New "The Dragons on Dazzle Island" Book

    Hachette has yet another book listed on it's website, but unlike everything else they have posted over the years, this one actually has a full on description included with it. The only time that happens is when the actual synopsis is already set, via an episode premiering before the release. We don't have any kind of confirmation, but it's an interesting premise anyway.

    Head on down below the break to read about it!

    Rarity's entire order of rare island gemstones has been canceled because the Great Dragon Migration has brought dragons to Dazzle Island! But all hope is not lost as Fluttershy and Spike travel to the island and explain to the dragons why they need to move. When our heroes reach Dazzle Island, they discover that it'll take more than a few words to resolve Rarity's problem!

    Ready your hooves as you travel with Fluttershy and Spike to confront new dangers, help a fellow pony gain her cutie mark, and learn the true power in hugs!

    Release Date:
    September 6th

    Thanks to Brony250 for sending it!