• Ponyville Fleshed Out on World of Equestria Webpage

    A couple months back Hasbro launched their World of Equestria page to start promoting the Explore Equestria theme they seemed to be pushing for season 6. Now a new location has been fleshed out and it's probably the one we know the most about: Ponyville.

    If you've been through the Manehattan page you'll know what to expect. What is odd though is that some of the information is woefully out of date for Ponyville, mentioning that Spike "Hangs out at Golden Oak Library", and this little gem...

    Oh... Um... Ok!

    Best landmark ever!

    Kidding aside, the page has a nice look and indicates that the promo train for season 6 is really starting to take off now that the premiere has been set. You can find the link to the map below!

    Thanks to ChangelingQueen for sending it in!

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