• Discussion: What Rewards Would You Want to See In an EQD Patreon?

    We've been considering launching a patreon for about a year now, but because I'm a huge chicken it's still sitting in limbo. I don't usually like doing a whole lot with EQD on the money front outside of google ads and random pony licensees, so it's a hurdle!

    Maybe you all can help make it more fun? We need ideas for backer rewards. So far we have:

    • Monthly thank you post people can contribute to in tiers
    • Twitter shoutouts
    • An EQD blogpony chat for backers to join and bother us about things
    • Editorial requests
    • Cheap Fandom advertising section for commissions, Etsy shops, and other things (no licensees allowed - fans only)

    A bunch of other ideas have popped up and left over time, and I'm still worried about doing anything annoying. If you have a recommendation, hit up the comments with it!

    Hopefully we can get this going next month after tomorrow's CHAOS.