• Exclusive First Look: My Little Pony: Friends Forever #29—Synopsis, Artists, and Writer!

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    *insert favorite rock quote here*—Rarity/Maud Pie, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    One MLP writer for the IDW Friends Forever Comics figured out how to MINE DIAMONDS tell a story with Pinkie's sister Maud Pie that Hasbro approves of.

    When you think about it, Rarity's special talent is related to rocks.

    I can hear Maud's enthusiasm at the prospect of spending time with Rarity.

    You'll be able to hear her as well after the break.

    My Little Pony: Friends Forever #29
    Ted Anderson (w) • Brenda Hickey (a & sc) • Tony Fleecs (c)

    When Rarity meets Maud Pie at a gem convention the two seemingly have little in common. But when Maud comes across an opportunity to make a name for herself in rock academia, Rarity may be just the pony to help Maud discover her inner enthusiasm.

    FC • 32 pages • $3.99