• Three New Ponyfinder Books Available - Forgotten Past, The Unicorns Crown, and Princess Luminace's Guide to the Pony Pantheon

    Ponyfinder is back again with three new books for you guys to expand your pony themed adventures! We've got two books that expand on the lore and world of Ponyfinder as well as an adventure that is meant for the beginning pony adventurer.

    Check on after the break for all the details on each book!

    Hidden in the sands, buried in stone, and forgotten by most awaits untold treasures and unspeakable dangers that would protect them.

    • A new race, the Ruminant
    • New traps for GMs to enjoy and players to fear
    • New spells
    • New feats
    • New traits
    • What happens if you mix a purrsian and a human?
    • New lore delving into the shrouded past of Everglow

    The Unicorn’s Crown is designed for first level characters, and will take them to level three by the end. The encounters are all designed to be run for a party ranging in size from 3 to 7 players.

    A crime has been committed, a very personal theft from the Crown Prince of Taralos. Our heroes must track down the perpetrators and unravel the mystery and conspiracy that lies behind the theft. They will interview witnesses, dive beneath the streets and track fugitives through forests and hills. They will face natural hazards, traps, and villainous gem gnolls before finally the truth is revealed and the future of the kingdom lies in their hooves.

    To Found an Empire explores the world of Everglow just before the formation of the Pony Empire. Our heroes will see the Kingdoms and tribes that came together to form it and maybe even experience that transformation themselves.

    Studying the habits, origins, and potential futures of my fellow divine beings has lead me to better understanding of the universe itself! To be unbiased, I have included a study of my own divinity and some interesting test cases surrounding myself.
    Table of contents:
    • Detailed divine portfolios of the pony pantheon.
    • In-depth analysis of two species created with the help of divine providence.
    • Numerous incantations and techniques worthy of further study.
    • Catalogs of esoteric and unusual methods of approaching standard methodologies.
    • Distinguishing traits and feats unearthed from across Everglow
    • Musings into the nature of divinity itself and our part in it.
    This book contains all the content of Day and Night, Forgotten Gods of Everglow, Ascencion (not elsewhere released) and more!

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