• Battle Gem Ponies - Pokemon vs Pony Moveset Rules

    The Pokemon pony parody game Battle Gem Ponies has a new update going into the difference between the pony abilities and your more traditional pokemon style ones to separate itself. Below the break, get the infos on it!

    It's a big news week for Pokemon-style indie project Battle Gem Ponies! To kick it off, here's an update on how your pony's attacks will work!

    Moves make up the core of the gameplay in Battle Gem Ponies, so having Light, Heavy, Status, and Special Attacks will promote strategic play. People will customize their movesets with the limitations of one strong move (with little GP), one weaker move (Enough GP to usually last the whole match), a status move (affecting gameplay beyond just lowering enemy HP), and a special attack (wildcard moves that can't be learned naturally).

    You can look here for the full blog post explaining how it works and why this style was chosen over Pokemon's freeform move slots. Look out for more news about the new release date and the next pre-alpha demo coming this weekend!