• New MLP Book: The Wonderbolts Handbook

    Looks like we've got another book announcement from Hachette! While the other recent book announcements have been stories this one looks a little bit different as it's described as a handbook for the Wonderbolts. The description for it sounds pretty cool to be honest:
    Attention cadets! This Wonderbolts Academy Handbook once belonged to Rainbow Dash! Along with valuable information on how to become a Wonderbolt, our stellar Pegasus pony added her own notes to help you along. The lessons in here have been passed down for generations, with each generation refining these lessons to better serve you and the institution. You will have much to learn and all staff and senior members of the Wonderbolts are more than willing to guide you. 

    Good luck, have fun, and stay focused! 

    With the book clocking in at almost 200 pages, it's going to be quite the read I must say! You can find all the details at the link below.

    Thanks to Brony250 for sending it in.

    The Wonderbolts Handbook

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