• Mystery Background Element at end of Season 6 Premiere?!

    Did you catch it? At the very last second of the premiere there was something in the background that didn't quite fit in... Does it mean something? Is the rest of this season going to be an action-packed struggle against intense espionage action?!

    It's a bird...

    It's a plane...

    It's screencapped beneath the break!

    I don't know about you, but that definitely looks like a changeling to me! Is this the beginning of something big for the rest of the season, or just a little bit of animation fun? We did get sneak peeks of Starlight hiding in the background during Season 5, so DHX could be taking lessons from themself and upping the ante!

    Junior Detectives, your mission if you choose to accept it: re-watch the premiere a few more times and see if we're missing some more epic clues!