• Pony Spotlight #10 - Twilight Velvet

    Howdy, folks! TheSlorg here with another Pony Spotlight. With season six under way, we're sure to see plenty of new ponies we can take a closer look at. But first, we still have plenty of requests to see to!

    This week we have a pony who kind of fills both roles, so if you don't want spoilers you should go watch the season premiere first!

    She's a mother to two princesses, her son is captain of the royal guard and prince of the Crystal Empire, and her granddaughter is the first known pure-born alicorn in Equestria's existence! It's Twilight Velvet!

    So what is there to be said about Twilight Sparkle's mom? Find out below the break!

    Name: Twilight Velvet
    Aliases: Mrs. Sparkle, Star Sparkle
    Cutie Mark: Three purple stars
    Appearances: 5
    First Appearance: The Cutie Mark Chronicles
    Speaking Roles: 1
    Random Fact: Twilight Velvet is an accomplished writer! In the comic Friendship is Magic #11, she is shown to have a 'Daring Do' award hanging on her wall right below an 'Author of the Year' award, and most of her merchandise mentions her love of writing.


    Twilight's mom! Whose name also happens to be Twilight! Confused yet? While her name in the show credits (to date) is shown merely as Mrs. Sparkle, she's been named in merchandise, the comics, the CCG, and the Gameloft game as Twilight Velvet. Her design is based on the G1 pony named Twilight, as well. But no matter what name you use for her, she's still Twilight's mom.

    Her first appearance was in season one's The Cutie Mark Chronicles, where she and her husband Night Light sign Twilight Sparkle up for Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns during a flashback sequence. She urges her daughter to smile during the entrance exam, but becomes terrified and clings to her husband when Twilight Sparkle loses control of her power. Soon after, she is turned into a potted plant by a stray bolt of magical energy. Luckily, she is turned back into her old self once Princess Celestia calms Twilight Sparkle down. Her last act in the flashback would be to urge her daughter to become Princess Celestia's personal student.

    You're breaking the fourth wall, Twilight Velvet.


    In all honesty, Twilight Velvet hasn't had enough significant appearances to show much growth. She appears again in the season 2 finale, A Canterlot Wedding part 2, to see her son Shining Armor marry Princess Cadance. She can be seen early in the episode near the end of Queen Chrysalis's song in a group shot of the wedding guests. She reappears later at the second, proper, wedding ceremony weeping tears of motherly pride. She and her husband are missing, however, from the after party.

    Twilight Velvet wouldn't appear again until the season 3 finale, Magical Mystery Cure, where she would once again weep tears of joy at her daughter Twilight Sparkle's coronation to become a princess.

    In what seems to be a recurring theme, her next appearance wouldn't be until near the end of season four in Equestria Games. As she merely appears in the crowd during the games, there certainly can't be any growth to speak of other than the fact that she is always there for her children's major accomplishments.

    She'll even face down hidden horrors for her children. Such a devoted mom.

    Current Status

    The start of season six changes things, as we've seen Twilight Velvet's first speaking role in the series in The Crystalling part 2. This appearance finally opens the doors for a bit of character development, with Twilight Velvet commenting on how the sudden weather that delayed her and her husband's train was worth it to see her 'peaceful little angel' of a sweet granddaughter. She also cheekily urges Princess Cadance to stop calling the child 'the baby' and to hurry up and give her a name. Thus, the name Flurry Heart is finally revealed.

    While she still hasn't had a lot of time in the limelight, we can tell that Twilight Velvet is a caring, nurturing mother who won't let the fact that her children are royalty keep her from poking a bit of fun here and there. Royal children or not, she's still their mom.

    I know I can't be alone in wanting to see more of Twilight Velvet! She seriously needs more love on the show. Let's make this week hers by generating as much music, art, and fiction as possible inspired by Twilight's mom!

    Twilight Velvet! A caring mother who is always there for her children, whether they're getting married, becoming a princess, or welcoming a new child into the world. What are you favorite Twilight Velvet moments? Which pony would you like to see in the next Spotlight? Let me know in the comments below!

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