• Amy Keating Rogers Explains Her Ideas For Alicorns in Equestria

    Flurry Heart has created a lot of confusion on the origins of Alicorns. The season opener seemed to imply that she was the first pony to actually be born as one. We've had canon stating both that this state of pony evolution is earned on one end, and born into on the other.

    Amy Keating Rogers (the writer behind the Journal of the Two Sisters) decided to clarify it for someone asking over on Twitter.

    Head on down below for all of it!

    Amy Keating Rogers Summary on Twitter: 
    According to what we discussed, Celestia and Luna were born as Alicorns.

    I haven't watched the premiere so I don't know what folks are all freaked about.

    I wasn't a writer on S6. But remember, Equestria was founded and the C&L became the Princesses.

    I haven't seen the premiere. But here's the timeline as I see it.

    1. ) Equestria is founded with Starswirl & co.
    2. ) C&L are asked to be the Princesses of newly-founded Equestria. They've now been Princesses for a LONG time.
    3. ) During that long, long, LOOONG time, no natural-born Alicorns were born. C&L didn't have foals...

    So it's been a long, long, LOOOOONG time since an Alicorn was born. So long, they didn't think it was possible.

    Again, didn't work on it and haven't seen it, so these are just my personal theories.

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    So, that's what we got so far. What do you think?