• Midwest Bronyfest Guest Updates!

    Midwest Bronyfest has a bunch of guest updates for you guys today as they expand their guest roster to epic proportions! Looks like cons are getting better and better at getting guests to show up at their events.

    Check on after the break for the full list that includes Apple Bloom, Steven Magnet, SFS Animations, and more!

    It's Apples to the Core At Midwest Bronyfest!

    Right on the heels of Ashleigh Ball, we are excited to announce that Michelle Creber will be returning to Midwest Bronyfest for 2016!

    Michelle is a regular occurrence on Friendship is Magic, as the voice of Apple Bloom, member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and sister to Applejack (voiced by Ashleigh Ball). This gives us all of the core members of the Apple family! On the occasion that the Crusaders feel like bursting into song, Michelle also provides the singing vocals of Sweetie Belle!
    Michelle will be accompanied at Midwest Bronyfest by Monique and Michael Creber. Gabriel "Black Gryph0n" Brown will also be joining as part of the Getting Stronger tour.
    This will be the first time the main Apple family will be at a single convention!
    Steven Magnet and Gummy Join Midwest Bronyfest!

    Lee Tockar is our next guest announcement for Midwest Bronyfest for 2016!
    Lee became a surprise fan favourite after providing the voice of the troubled sea serpent in the pilot episode for Friendship is Magic, that was subsequently named Steven Magnet by YouTube's auto-captioning system.
    Lee has also provided other voices for the series, including the 'inside voice' of Gummy, Pinkie Pie's pet alligator in the 100th MLP Episode, written by M.A. Larson. He also voices Snips in Friendship is Magic and in Equestria Girls.
    Away from Pony, Lee also has experience as a Writer and as a Voice Actor for Video Games and in Television and Film animations.
    Tony Fleecs paints a picture at Midwest Bronyfest 2016!

    Tony Fleecs is joining our guest list for Midwest Brony Fest for 2016!

    Tony is an artist and illustrator for the IDW My Little Pony comic series. He was the primary artist for Micro-Series Issue #2 and has been responsible for designing several different front covers for the comic series.

    As a comic book writer and artist, Tony has done more than just My Little Pony - he is also the mastermind behind In My Lifetime, an auto-biographical comic book

    We hope you’ll join us in welcoming them all this year to Kansas City!

    Midwest Bronyfest Announces Community Guests!

    We are proud to announce that Silly Filly Studios will be joining us this spring at Kansas City!

    SFS Animation is an international crew of over 20 animators, artists, writers, and voice actors who are known for their animated fanworks on Youtube. Their work with the My Little Pony community has included Snowdrop, Fall of the Crystal Empire, and Donut Steel, to name a few. They have also created animations in tribute to Undertale, Pokémon, League of Legends, and more, and are currently working on their own original pilot known as StarSign.

    Meredith Sims: One of SFS’s creative leads, she began her work voicing Fluttershy for the team and has since moved on to become a primary writer and voice actor. Her credits include writing the fanwork “Snowdrop” (as well as voicing the title character) and being one of the creative heads and co-writers of the StarSign project. Outside of the team, she has voiced for projects such as Fighting is Magic (Twilight Sparkle), Double Rainboom (Blossom), Legends of Equestria, and Heroes of Newerth.

    Jen McGregor (MemJ0123): A popular voice artist, she has gained fame in the pony community for her impressive Princess Celestia impersonation. Her credits to the team include voicing Celestia in Snowdrop and Fall of the Crystal Empire, as well as voicing in SFS projects such as Pokémon Shaming and Donut Steel (where she played the fabulous Mary Sue.) She has also sung for several pony musicians over the years, and is quite busy in her role as an actress and voice director for the StarSign project

    Reagan Murdock (Rev897): You’ll never find a closer Discord impression than Rev. He has performed as Discord for several pony projects, including Epic Wub Time, Twilight the Unicorn, and Midwest Bronyfest’s very own Chaos Panel! He can also be heard as the voice of Thresh in SFS’s “The Thresh Prince of Bot Lane”, and lent his musical talents to the team as the co-composer of the music in “Snowdrop.” He now works as a professional voice actor, but still finds time to write as one of the co-writers on the StarSign project.

    Saberspark is a YouTuber with a bad case of A.D.D. From documentaries to comedy skits, this guy can never stay in the same place for too long and is always on the move with random ideas. Saber is also a frequent guest on ACRacebest’s series “Bronies React.” He is also hot and can bench press 500 pounds.

    ILoveKimPossibleAlot (KP) is a YouTube critic, entertainer, and analyst in the Brony community. Don't let the username fool you, she packs a punch with her content! KP is known for being a funny, lively personality that takes analyzing and talking about character troupes to a fun extreme.  She is most well recognized for her tribute to Discord's voice actor John de Lancie with her video "Let's Go and Meet John de Lancie".  With over 100,000 subscribers, she is known for her humor, her wit, her movie referencing power and being the #1 Discord fangirl on the interwebs!

    ACRaceBest is a Mechanical Engineer best known for his YouTube series “Bronies React.” He specializes in destroying cars, trying to be funny, and forgetting what day it is. With an accumulated 18 million views online, he continues to produce comedy sketches, convention vlogs, and more, while entertaining live audiences on multiple stages and venues.

    Solrac (also known as Yaplap) unintentionally joined the fandom after posting a “Leak” of the Second Season’s MLP:FiM Intro, only to blast away the viewer with an ear-shattering, yet oddly entertaining screaming cover. Solrac immediately gained a tremendous number of followers! Since then, Solrac continued to scream various MLP:FiM songs, and teamed up with ACRacebest to create the infamous “Bronies React” series. Besides shouting to the top of his lungs, Solrac has a great vision for new and original projects, such as the Never-Ending tribute to fan-art: SOLRACUEST and the upcoming animated series: Solrac Ventures. Be sure to catch his panel, SolraCon, for the complete, quirky upbringing of the Solrac character, as well as previews for upcoming projects! (Disclaimer: Solrac is actually a pretty mellow dude, so he may not scream much in person, but he will challenge you to a round of Smash Bros.)

    Right now we have ticket offers until the end of March - You can save 10% off all our tickets, this discount is already applied via the website, or if it is not showing, you can use the code ‘CLOCKISTICKING’ at our eventbrite registration link.  You will only be able to get the ‘Mascot’ Tier Tickets (Prom Queen, Royal Lady, Legends of Equestria, Twice as Fancy) until April 1st. If you wish to acquire the pony plush and meet our VIP guests in a dinner, this will be your only opportunity to do so, as the dinner and plush is not for sale separately this year. We are down to very low numbers, and these tickets are only around for 3 more days!

    Our Sponsor Tier tickets will be valid until April 30th, so book now to avoid disappointment if you want one of the goodie packs! Buying these tickets adds support to the convention, but this year we have priced them extremely aggressively to ensure we give the best value to our attendees. Our hotel allowance is filling fast, so please book/reserve early to avoid disappointment!

    Midwest Bronyfest Easter Newsletter!

    In order to continue on and improve year on year, the chairs of the convention have written and published a newsletter responding to feedback and suggestions the convention has received since it’s last event. It’s pretty long and comprehensive, and for you who attended last year, a very interesting read! Catch it at : https://goo.gl/5Lqog1 !!

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