• Music of the Day #645

    What doy ou think Sunburst listens to? I could see him being one of those ponies that listens to hardcore gangster rap when no one is looking.

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    [1] Source

    Cutiemark Connection by Mason al'Cat

    Vocal - Folk

    [2] Source

    OhPonyBoy - Jump That Gala by OhPonyBoy

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [3] Source

    [MLP][Music] Pinkies World by Little Jester

    Instrumental - Jazz

    [4] Source

    Injustrial - Dream A Broken Mind by Injustrial

    Vocal - Aggrotech

    [5] Source

    fractilx fw.Kyu - Flurry Heart (Season 6 Remaster) by InklingBear

    Instrumental - Happy Hardcore

    [6] Source

    Music Box Ponies - Equestria the Land I Love by Len Ray

    Remix - Music Box

    [7] Source

    WoodenToaster - Rainbow Factory (Aurelleah Remix) [Orchestral Dubstep] by Aurelleah

    Remix - Orchestral Dubstep