• Hughe Card Spoiler for My Little Pony CCG!!

    Let me tell you a little story... A story about one of the manliest stallions in Equestria.

    Hughbert was born to simple berry farming parents with traditional values, parents who had no idea how hard public school was going to be if you're named Hughbert Jellius. He spent his youth with few friends, unless you count the blackberries, blueberries, and snozberries that grew around his rural home.

    But did this stallion crack under the strain of his name? Did he bow down and let everypony trample all over him? I say neigh, good folks! He sprung up from it stronger! He started up a brand new lifestyle choice that nopony had ever heard of: Jellyism. And to this day, everypony is too freaked out by him (and the pervasive scent of preserves within 30 feet of him) to tell Hughbert how incredibly weird he is.

    So I ask you, kind folks, what is manlier than a stallion who lives the way he wants and nopony dares to tell him otherwise? Not much! Not much at all. Celestia bless you, Hughbert Jellius. We salute you.