• Season Seven Episode List Leaked. Friendship is Now MANLY

    Joining is in MUSCLE BUILDING MANLYNESS, the 7th season of Friendship is Magic is now confirmed to be ALL STALLION ALL THE TIME. Are you even capable of handling this level of testosterone?

    As always with the leakiest show on the internet, we already have half the season in synopsis form. Go get it fandom. Brace for impact below the break.

    Big Mac's Big Mac
    Big Mac starts up Equestria's first fast food restaurant, but is Ponyville ready for 100% beef in their burgers?

    Walk The Plank
    Big Mac challenges Shining Armor to a fitness contest, with the pony who can plank the longest winning. However neither of them realise that as ponies, they are already planking 24/7

    Twilight Sparkle faces her greatest challenge: getting the kids to school, cleaning the house AND making Flash Sentry's dinner piping hot for when he returns from a hard day's work.

    In a Pickle
    All the males are out of town, and so no-one can open the jar of pickles? Will Ponyville starve?

    Enemy Mine
    On trial for murder, can Button Mash convince the jury that it was entirely the fault of ultra-violent computer game 'Minecraft' that forced him to kill?

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship
    Pipsqueak is a big fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is very excited to visit when it comes to Ponyville. But when the ChampionShip sets sail he is trapped aboard with 20 of Equestria's most violent killers! Can he survive using guerilla tactics?

    The Vampire Dairies
    The Cutie Mark Crusaders are worried that Pipsqueak might rise from the dead and so decide to drive a stake through his grave.

    Flim Flam Floozy 4000 Thingy
    The Flimflam brothers arrive to try and rival Big Mac's protein powder harvest. Big Mac gets together a group of his friends and they set out to beat the hell out of the brothers.

    Battlestar Pegasus
    When Scootaloo finally gets her cutie mark, she discovers it is a toaster. Is she able to hide the fact she is a Cylon from the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, or will Apple Bloom put her in the air lock?

    Affirmative Action
    New Magic Circle rules means that only colts are allowed to be magicians. Trixie is is relegated to being an assistant in a sparkly dress. Not wanting to be second fiddle, she sets up Big Mac as a magician with one aim: Bring down the Magic Circle in a brutal ambush. It's very dangerous, but she's sure she can do it!

    The Vampire Dairies II
    The Cutie Mark Crusaders are worried that Trixie might rise from the dead and so decide to drive a stake through her grave.

    Is There A Doctor In The Horse?
    Doctor Whooves is discovered to not have an actual medical license. He must take the medical exam – but to be a doctor in Equestria one must know how to take a life as well as save one. He must fight Ponyville’s old doctor in a 1v1 death match.

    Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
    With an insect plague hitting the Apple Family crops, Big Mac signs a deal with Discord to get rid of them in exchange for "something chaotic". When he wakes up the next day with a horn and wings, all of Equestria is thrown into a panic at the first male princess.

    Thanks to BLUESHIFT AKA MAH BOY BLUE AKA BLUEBRO for digging these up!