• Introducing a New Direction for EQD: We Are Going MAN MODE

    It has come to our attention that we have not been representing both genders here nearly enough. Posts upon posts have mares leading the charge, and our Mascot event outright banned stallion submissions. Whether you are a pegasister or a brony, it's time to unleash your INNER MAN.

    That's right! From now on, every other hour during our regular posting schedule, we are going to cover a MANLY topic to balance out the obvious mare bias that has grown rampant over the years. Workout routines? Hardcore game reviews? Protein powder analysis? IT'S TIME! Time to UNLEASH the facial hair. By the end of the day, no matter how low on testosterone you are, we hope to have you growing a beard and chest hair faster than Vladamir Putin can wrestle a bear to the ground. His record is 10 seconds. IT'S... IS... ON...

    See you all in the morning. Until then, celebrate your new-found RIPPLING GREEK GOD MUSCLES with our theme song below the break.