• 3 Days of Pony - Sunhorse

    Wow, we are so close. Just the duration of a long weekend away. I never thought I'd see the day! With season 6 getting an announcement already, here's to hoping this isn't the hiatus length we ever see again.

    Today we back in Celestia's glorious rays! May her convoluted and tragic past be wiped away by her radiance! Celestia has been sort of an enigma over the years in the show. Outside of seeing her lose to Chrysalis do to that whole overpowered love magic thing, and the battle with Luna, she hasn't had much air time. We have yet to get an episode dedicated to get, while Luna has seen one big one and several appearances as a major plot point as a dream walker. The comics tend to paint her in a much more down-to-earth fashion.

    Will we see her receive her very own episode this season? Will Celestia have her day? Here's to hoping. I'd kill for a duo between her and Luna. Seeing their sisterly banter would be interesting outside of the comics.

    Now go! Celebrate the sun below!