• Music of the Day #307

    New episode tomorrow, complete with new episode music to go with it. We will finally haves ome new material to remix! Hope you guys are ready for that. Have whatever Spike and Cadance are doing here in celebration, and 11 songs below the break.

    [1] Source
    Instrumental - Trance

    [2] Source
    Strange Love (Feat. Faux Snyder)

    [3] Source
    &I ft. ChiChi - Into The Green (Seven Ponies Remix)
    Vocal - Chillstep

    [4] Source
    [French Complextro] Enuxa : Magic
    Instrumental - House

    [5] Source
    EM120X - Love is In Bloom (Remix)

    [6] Source
    Without You (Celestia's Lament) - Luna Jax

    [7] Source
    Agents of Discord Feat. Rina-Chan - Your World (Original Mix)

    [9] Source
    174UDSI - Together We Are Friends

    [10] Source
    Haardtek | Angels [Progressive House]
    Instrumental - Prog House

    [11] Source
    Awkward Marina - Entropy (Manevolant Remix WIP)