• Canterlot Nights - More Cards, Plus Summary of Live Q&A

    Yesterday, one of the devs from the MLP CCG ran a live Q&A to answer questions and reveal a few more cards from the Canterlot Nights set.  We have a bunch of interesting infos on the new set for all you card players out there.  Head on down below the break for a compilation of it!

    -Discord won't be there as a character.
    -And no Cadence.
    -No Maud Pie too.
    -Set 2 theme decks will have the same number of fixed card as those from premiere set.
    -There are cards that directly interact with Troublemakers.
    -Comprehensive rules update should be delivered tomorrow.
    -Most sets will bring at least one new mechanic.
    -There could be fixed villains, but no lesser rarity than rare.
    -There is at least one hand disruption card in Canterlot Nights.
    -There will be the same number of UR cards in CanterlotNights than in premiere set
    -Shining Armor my appear in Canterlot Nights (Oh come on ! He's already on the official playmat !)
    -There will be only one villain in Canterlot Nights (Chrysalis)
    -There is a showdown card like Hoofwrasslin' for each color
    -There will be 4 cards for Celestia and Luna
    -The CCG might use comics references in the future.

    Thanks to SplitSecond, Evafreak for the images and Mr. Offspring for compiling up the interesting points!