• Announcing BABSCon 2015 Pre-Reg

    After the success of BABSCon the staff is pleased to announce the return of BABSCon in 2015 and that pre-reg is now open if you want to get your ticket now.

    Check after the break for all the details.

    You knew it was coming...it was only a matter of time! This year’s best con is back for more in 2015!

    Save the date and get your membership today, because pre registration is now open! On April 3-5, 2015, all pony will break loose once again in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer you a convention experience like no other when the Bay Area Brony Spectacular Convention returns!

    Hit up registration.babscon.com for your chance to snag a discounted membership while supplies last at our Early Bird price! But we’ll start you guys off slow: our Premium-level memberships follow soon and will feature posters, VIP meet-and-greets, Guest of Honor dinners, adorable plushies, and more! Stay tuned to our Twitter (@babsconsf) and our Facebook for all the latest BABSCon news, contests and more!

    Missed out on something during 2014? Check out Ponyville Live!’s thorough coverage of the best moments, events, and panels of BABSCon 2014 to relive the magic that was the San Fran Bay Area’s first My Little Pony convention! So grab an Early Bird membership now while prices are low because, remember bronies, the clock…is…ticking!

    The Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon), the first convention devoted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in the San Francisco Bay Area, is going into its second year! It will be held on April 3–5, 2015 at the SFO Hyatt Regency in Burlingame, CA. Contact pr@babscon.com for more information!
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