• Story: Death by Dragon (Update - Sequel)


    Quote: "For those who love alternate futures of Spike showing off his toughness. As well as those who love Suda51 and those who don't know they love him yet." - Pre-Reader The Carousel Pony

    Author: Compendium of Steve

    This isn't the Equestria you know. The days of resolving things peacefully are well past. Friendship is just a luxury. All that matters is Order. That is where the true peace is: in Her Highness' Vision. No alternative, no questions. Either follow it and live by her grace, or deny it and face merciless retribution. The full force of her holy wrath, dealt by her most Vicious Agent.
    It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it. Books can't find their way home on their own. Have to get 'em all, and Celestia help those who get between them and their guardian angel. He's a mean one.
    And I should know: I'm him.

    Death by Dragon
    Dragon's Descent (New - Sequel)

    Additional Tags: Spike's bloody struggle for books