• Dave Polsky and More Announced for BUCK

    We've got announcements everywhere today it seems! This just proves that pony is going to be rocking even during the hiatus as BUCK is pleased to announce Dave Polsky in attendance along with many other community guests!

    Check out the full list after the break.

    The BUCK team is proud to announce the attendance of Dave Polsky to BUCK 2014!
    Dave is a seasoned writer of Friendship is Magic, with episodes dating back to Feeling Pinkie Keen from season one, Over a Barrel from season two, and many more from season three and four. His work also includes Scary Movie 2 and the upcoming Sonic Boom.
    Dave will be hosting his own workshop to talk about how his episodes are made – from the finished product on the screen, right back to a passing idea on a notepad. Don’t miss this chance for a unique insight into the production of our favourite pastel pony show!
    And if that tickles your fancy, don’t forget that we’ll also have workshops from G.M. Berrow – author of the My Little Pony chapter books – and from IDW Comic Colourist, Heather Breckel.
    Also attending BUCK this summer are Legends of Equestria: The pony massively multiplayer RPG that the fandom has eagerly watched since it’s conception.
    The LoE team will be showing you the latest features in the game, how they have been developed, and what’s still to come. They’ll also be taking questions and discussion on the project as a whole, so don’t miss it!
    All this and many more creative driven panels, workshops and demonstrations to see this August at BUCK 2014!
    Be sure to check out http://BUCKCon.org for the latest news, tickets, and more!
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