• Streams and Marathons Today -

    With the big finale tomorrow, It's time to party until it happens.  What better way to do that online than in a chat room watching episodes, movies, and the usual stuff?! Get hype! And get some marathons below!

    Brony Network

    "I Personally want to thank everyone for coming to our stream during our MLP Season 4 stream including my team for doing an terrific job this season, You guys are awesome and i can't thank you enough for the effort and support. As the season comes to an end there is no need for sadness as season 5 has been confirmed with 26 new episodes but the wait is til 2015 so we'lll have to wait for a year for more ponies to come, honestly i think it's great so we could get some good episodes and not rushed, it'll be worth the wait. Our stream won't end after the season ends i'll continue to play movie nights, stream toonami, and other content every week so if you like follow me on twitter @TheBronyNetwork , Steam group, and DA group . i hope i'll see you guys again in season 5 til then don't be a lemon, be a rosebud" ;3

    ~BN King , Owner / Host of BN  

    Friday-Saturday {5/9/14}:

    Equestria Girls {G}:
    9pm Central Daylight Time / 10pm Eastern Daylight Time / 7pm Pacific Daylight Time  

    MLP:FiM Season 4:
    10:15pm CDT / 11:15pm EDT / 8:15pm PDT

    Saturday: {5/10/14}

    MLP: G1 Rescue at the Midnight Castle {Special}
    8am CDT / 9am EDT / 6am PDT

     MLP S4 EP25 + 26 "Twilight's Kingdom" {Season 4 Finale in 1080p HD}
    9am CDT / 10am EDT / 7am PDT 



    Hello Everyone!

    The pony season is finally coming to an end. This can only mean one thing. ~ Massive Pony Mare-athon ~ That's right, Every single episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, all in one huge 2 and a half day event! With some breaks of course, but even the breaks will be content filled. We're excited to announce the following DJs and Podcasts:

    Thursday 12:00 AM EST  - DJ Sleepypony
    Friday     10:00 AM EST - Simon Hedburg
    Friday      03:30 PM EST - DJ Scootaloose
    (and more)

    Thursday 08:20 PM EST - Rainbow Dash hour with PonyToast (from the host of True Equestria Radio)
    Friday      02:40 AM EST - Twitchy After Dark
    Friday      06:00 PM EST - No Hooves Barred

    These great events, as well as some Friendship is Witchcraft, Rainbow Dash Presents, and of course Equestria Girls (Friday 6:15 AM EST) sprinkled in. All of this starting on Wednesday 10:00 PM EST, Leading up to the Season 4 Finale Two Parter, only on BronyTV.net! See you there!

      ~BronyTV, A Proud Member of Ponyville Live!

    Link: http://www.bronytv.net/

    Equestria Reflections

    Equestria’s Reflection is having a 18 hour long party leading up to the finale. And the whole this is going to be livestreamed!
    All of season 4 + the finale will be livestreamed. Plus some fan videos and some video games.

    And here’s the link to the livestream: