• Peter New Heading to Midwest Bronyfest

    Eeyup, more Big Mac! Peter New will be hitting up the upcoming Midwest Bronyfest in Kansas this May 23rd.  They also have some music news to go along with it, along with an extended pre-reg and door prices.  As always, you can find the full press release below the break!

    We’re incredibly excited to welcome Peter New to Midwest Brony Fest. Peter is best known in the fandom as the stallion of few words: Big Macintosh. New is also known for a few background pony's including Goldie Delicious and Rarity’s father. He also supplies the voice of everyone’s favorite mongoose from “Littlest Pet Shop,” Sunil Nevla, as well as live acting roles in “Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed,” “Agent Cody Banks” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”  
    Midwest Brony Fest will be taking place in Kansas City on May 23rd through the 25th at the Marriott on the Plaza, a premier shopping district In Kansas City, Missouri.   
    MWBF features Voice Actors Peter New the voice of Big Mac, and Kelly Metzger the voice of Spitfire. We also have Community Guests such as Solrac, Pegasister's Live host Emily Jones, and profressintal artist Amelie Belcher just to name a few.  
    On the music side of things, we have several bony musicians and DJ's to help us rock the night away. Pre-registration has been extended until Monday the 12th. Tickets will be available at the door for $35. See www.mwbfkc.net
     for details.