• National Pony Writing Month Update!

    Noble Cause is back once again with an update on the National Pony Writing Month site.   It was a Nightmare Night update technically, but we missed it in the box! Derp. 

    Anyway, information below the break for all you crazy writers out there.

    Hello everypony, it's Noble back again for a NIGHTMARE NIGHT surprise post!

    Why, you may wonder? Well, I finally stopped getting stomped by real life long enough to dole out the prizes.  The issue?  Mr. Writerman and Heartshine both have not contacted me yet.  I still have Steam codes to give those two.  Guys, you have until the S3 premiere (November 10th) to get back to me, or I'm keeping the codes handy for a future contest.  PLEASE contact me asap at [email protected]

    Beyond that... well, all the money's been given out, thankfully, so that's one less worry.

    The NaPoWriMo tumblr is in the works, I'm having to hash out some things with Paypal at the moment... but once it's up, that's where you can go for events, announcements, things of that nature.

    For those wondering, NO, I'm not going to run any events in November.  There's no way I'm competing with NaNoWriMo, that's just insanity.  December, the week before Hearth's Warming, on the other hoof, I'm considering...

    That's about it from me.  If you have any comments, contact me, or leave me a note in the comments of this post!

    All the best, and pony on!

    - Noble Cause

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