• Support Amy Keating Rogers' Documentary on Kickstarter

    The name Amy Keating Rogers is synonymous with television writing, with Pinkie Pie, and with fun. Maybe you've heard of her? She's the author for episodes like The Last Roundup, A Friend in Deed, MMMystery on the Friendship Express, and a heap of fan favorites from Season 1. She's awesome and infectiously funny. And about as far back as I can remember in this community, she's also been hard at work on a documentary called Jason Bateman thinks I'm Dead, a journey through the entertainment industry to catch up with an old school classmate and remind him that she is, in fact, alive.

    The documentary is finished, but licensing for certain elements and the production values make the creation of a full line prohibitively expensive for a single person. That's where you come in! Go to her Kickstarter and chip in a couple of dollars. This is a really difficult project for just one person to see through, but it will be beyond worth it in the end. Amy's a wonderful person who has given a lot to this fandom and works hard to make herself accessible for conventions and everything in between. This is an excellent opportunity to say 'thank you' for all of the songs she's ever gotten stuck in your head.

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