• Guild Wars Pony Questline

    While we didn't see a whole lot of Guild Wars 2 ponyness, it looks like the team still working on Guild Wars 1 (which you guys should check out if you never have, its actually a really fun co-op game) tossed out a huge quest chain with all sorts of pony references. 

    Come of the fun ones include:

    *gasp* That's it Gum Drops... *pant* You're going to... *wheeze* LOVE ME!"
     "It detects the level of "peripheral pony particles," or PON-3, in the air and gives us an approximation of the location of the eminent equine."

    You can find the entire quest chain over on the Guild Wars Wiki, or in game by following the guide also listed there. 

    Thanks to the armada of people that sent this in a while back. 

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