• Pony Party at Hoyts Cinema

    It looks like a theater chain called Hoyts located in Australia, New Zealand, and Wales has a pony party planned, complete with 64 minutes of pony.  What exactly is this 64 minutes of pony? It's a complete mystery! Their current explanation really doesn't explain a whole lot:
    My Little Pony: It’s a Pony Party!

    In selected Hoyts cinemas 10 November – 16 December

    Every pony knows that there ain’t no party like a pony party! The problem with parties is that sometimes they can be a lot of hard work: you have to worry if all your friends will turn-up, you have to plan your outfit weeks in advance, and then there’s always the possibility that the party won’t live up to your expectations.

    There’s only one way to deal with the any potential party problems: make sure you are surrounded by your very best friends! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinky Pie, Applejack and Rarity know that as long as you have your friends with you, every day is a celebration because friendship is magic!
    The release date is apparently the 10th of November, which correlates with Season 3.  Outside of the 66 minute project in progress from Topdraw, we haven't heard of anything releasing so early.  There is a good chance that it is simply a few episodes strung together. 

    Thanks to Micheal for the heads up!

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