• Nightly Roundup #485

    And then we ended Nightmare Night.   I'll miss the art, I admit. 

    Have some roundup stuff! 


    Starting with some Cake! Cause cake is awesome.


    Some final late ones!  And consider pumpkins in the roundup closed! Thanks to everyone that joined in!

    Something Random to end Halloween On!

    When did Pinkie become the creepy pony?

    Audio Book Seeks Actors

    Star Crossed Ponies needs people:
    I will be needing actresses to cover the Mane 6, Spike, and Princesses Celestia and Luna. Please get back to me with a yay or nay. Thank you.
    Check out the video here!


    Voice of Equestria Episode 18

    Apologies once again for taking so long between episodes.  This time we chat about tropical islands, deadly planets, giant robots, some pony news, Season 3, some pretty cool fan creations, and give a warm "happy birthday" to one of the most prominent VAs within the fan community.  Come check it out!


    Note:  We may or may not have an episode next week, but starting on the following week we'll be going back to a weekly schedule for the duration of Season 3.

    Weekly Fanfic Review Posts

    So, we're doing an official thing at Fimfic; highlighting quality stories that aren't up to (or submitted to) Eqd and don't get the feature box, which is skewed on a lot of levels. A lot of good pieces are getting overlooked, and this is an attempt to do what we can to correct that.
    There will be weekly Review posts on the front page of Fimfic, spotlighting three stories each. Big thing for anyone who writes and/or enjoys fanfics.

    Here's the first post/full description--

    and a link to the group:

    Twilight's List

    Elements of Absurdity Givaway

    The Elements of Absurdity PodCast staff would like to thank all their viewers for their continuing support.  As a reward, the EoA Team is giving away a 12 Collectable Figure Pony Set to a random viewer!  

    Here are the rules!
    1.  You must subscribe to www.youtube.com/elementsofabsurdity1
    2.  You must 'like' videos
    3.  Comment with the word "Ponies" (MAKE IT CREATIVE!!  I Like to read funny things :3  )

    When we reach 50 subscribers, we will be giving away the 12 collectable figure pony set to 1 random subscriber!  The winner will be announced and featured on the Elements of Absurdity PodCast!  
    And to the new artists out there:  COME AND TALK TO USSS!!  We want to make you known!  No matter what genre!  It could be Drawings/paintings/etc, Writing, Music, Animation, ANYTHING!!! O.O  We want to help you get the drive and connections you want/need to soar into the sky!


    Successful Meetups

    Fanshawe College Meetup

    mini meetup at the Fanshawe college anime club Halloween meetup. me my sister and a couple of her friends decide to do a group costume for Halloween this year. i went as Big-Mac, my sister went as pinkie pie(she got third place for best costume), and her two friends went as applejack and fluttershy.


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