• Brony Thank You Fund Ad Schedule

    The Brony Thank You Fund has released their ad schedule for you all to check out on The Hub.  It looks like it will start on the 5th and end on Saturday when the new season airs.

    Have a list:

    All Times EST
    Mon 11/05/12 9:10:22A
    Mon 11/05/12 6:12:37P
    Mon 11/05/12 7:48:07P
    Tue 11/06/12 1:39:02A
    Wed 11/07/12 2:45:47A
    Thu 11/08/12 12:36:59A
    Thu 11/08/12 6:39:37P
    Thu 11/08/12 8:12:08P
    Fri 11/09/12 9:27:18P
    Sat 11/10/12 9:36:26A