• Princess Cadance Moves to the Fall?

    A recent press release over at Market Watch on the Wall Street Journal site seems to point at an entirely different date for the upcoming Princess Cadence/Shining Armor episode.  While the actual time for these two to appear has never been set in stone, it was generally been accepted that they will finish out season two.  This new article contradicts that completely, stating that the entire event will go down in fall.

    The quote: 
    Pony fans can act out imaginative stories of their own with delightful MY LITTLE PONY figures, playsets, and vehicles inspired by the series, including a variety of ponies and playsets inspired by the upcoming fall wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE.
    Considering we are 17 episodes in, I don't think we will see the next few stretched out over a year.  It could always be marketing voodoo getting in the way of actual times and figures, but that does appear to be a confirmation of a fall release for season three.

    That or a movie...

    They sure are pushing these two harder than anything previous seen.  I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't just an episode arc.   Discord and Nightmare Moon didn't get full playsets, but then again, they weren't pretty pink princesses.

    Feel free to make your assumptions and guesses in the comments!

    Thanks to Masem for the article link! Checkin out those obscure sources so we don't have to. 

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