• Nightly Roundup #237

    Looks like the floodgates are open on pretty much everything.  Sadly once the internet takes control of something, you can't really stop it.  I'm sure someone at iTunes is getting a slap upside the head (or six).

    On with the roundup!

    Pony Fanfic Reading Night on Bronytv

    Copy Paste:

    Bronytv is hosting our first Pony Fan Fiction Reading Night! Unless otherwise requested by viewers, Prentice will be reading, live, Allegrezza by CoffeeGrunt. Voices, doesn't matter what they are, can be requested as well. Tune in on Thursday 7:00 PM EST (http://derpy.me/ESTtimeNow) at http://bronytv.co.cc/

    Vanacus Podcasts and Ebooks

    Upaded on the Vanacus blog:
    VanaCast: My Little Pony
    - Boast Busters
    - Dragonshy
    - Read It And Weep

    Fallout: Equestria V-Book
    - Chapter 2
    - Chapter 3
    - Chapter 4

    Brony Talk Episode 5

    Have some copy paste:

    Hello there everypony, this is Cinnamon Top here and we would love to invited you to go see our latest episode of Brony Talk.
    Featuring: myself (Cinnamon Top), The Duke, Graymane and The Brave Potato.

    This week on the show we will be discussing the lattes episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic "Read It and Weep" plus we'll talk about latest pony news.

    Be sure to stick around later in the show for our interview with Mogul Dash, an upcoming 'brosician' (a brony musician), and after the interview we will be having some caller question. So be sure to call in at our skype: bronytalkshow

    So please join us at our show this Thursday at 8pm CST at http://www.livestream.com/bronytalkshow

    Ragnarok Online 

    Ragnarok Online hasn't pulled this yet! Looks like ponies have invaded their team as well.  Are any game companies safe?! 

    Ponies Invading the Media

    We have a bunch of random articles popping up from various media locations.  Have some links!

    Polish Newspaper E-Metro (Translation here
    Modern Mom

    Equestrian Collections Book Project

    Have some copy paste!:

    I’ve started a project like none I’ve seen before. It’s called Equestrian Collections and it’s sort-of a literary Pony Swag Megamix. Bronies write essays (essays just meaning, in this case, “nonfiction expressing their opinions”) concerning several topics related to the show or fandom, each of which has its own e-book. When a given e-book seems large enough, I’ll declare it to be fair use and send a copy to everyone who submitted or reserved one, letting them spread it around the Internet however they choose, free of charge. The community gets its thoughts to stew over and more awesome pony media. I get publicity, which I can convert into a series of future projects which will hopefully culminate in an editing career.
    Hit the website up here

    Successful Meetups

     London Meetup 

    Woah, that's a huge one.  Apparently they have more planned, I'll add those below in the other section.  For this current one, have some links


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    UK Meetups on the Way! 

    Southampton - 25th February 2012
    Exeter - 17th March 2012
    Nottingham - 7th April 2012
    Manchester - 20th-21st April 2012 (TBC)
    London MCM Expo - 26th May 2012


    Canberra Meetup

    Room G030 in the Copland Building at ANU
    starting at 8pm and going all the way till 2:30am :D

    A meetup for Everypony to hang out, make friends and just be about 20% cooler than anypony else out there we will be watching our own Mare-athon leading up to new Episode "Hearts and Hooves day"

    Everypony is welcome so share this around this with your friends :D

    For those who don't know where Room G030 is here are some helpful links:

    Copland Building - http://campusmap.anu.edu.au/displaybldg.asp?no=24

    ANU maps (we're in #24) http://campusmap.anu.edu.au/displaymap.asp?grid=ef32

    Google maps to Copland Lecture theatre (we're not in the lecture theatre, just a room in the same building):

    Also here is our FB page if you guys wan't to know more you can contact Haydn Allen for more info :D


    Grizzly's Burger Steaks Meetup

    Near Geronimo Dr, El Paso, TX

    Grizzly's Burgers Steaks

    1130 Geronimo Drive, El Paso, TX
    (915) 881-0297 ‎

    This shall be this shall be the location of our next meetup. 2/12/2012 (this Sunday) (time tbc)
    Activities include: Pony Trivia, Watching and discussing the new episode, and watching your favorite pmvs.

    If you would like to join us please visit the Bronies of El Paso Facebook page and ask to join the group.

    Minecraft Server

    Server: Pro-anything pony related


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rainbow Dash
    Derpy Hooves Plush
    Applebloom Beanie PLush
    Scootaloo Plush
    Scootaloo Blind Bag

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