• Story Updates February 9th (Morning)

    How dashing!

    Have some story updates!

    Story: Loss (Update Chapter 7!)


    Author: Caffum
    Description: The Elements of Harmony are six of the closest friends in all of Equestria. But when a sudden tragedy strikes down one of the elements, how will the other five be able to handle their lives? Will they find the strength in themselves and each other to live on, or will their inability to cope cause more tragedy for group?

    Story: Envy and Arrogance (Update Part 17!)

    [Adventure] [Tragedy]

    Description: With the help of forces beyond their control, six friends discover their true importance in Equestria’s timeline. With this new knowledge in hoof, they must try to figure out whom or what has crosshairs on their foreheads. The Elements of Harmony aren’t the only weapons of mass destruction in Equestria.
    Envy and Arrogance


    Story: The Princess Bridle (Update Part 4!)

    [Crossover] [Adventure] [Comedy] [Light Shipping] [Light Grimdark]

    Author: SonGoharotto
    Description: A reluctant princess finds herself a pawn in the schemes of wicked ponies, but her salvation may come from the least likely source.
    The Princess Bridle

    Story: A Heart of Stone (Update Part 9!)

    [Shipping] [Dark] [Comedy] [Sad]

    Author: BorgiaBrony
    Description: Before The Mane 6, before Nightmare Moon, before the all chaos, there was a little alicorn and a young draconequus. After a chance meeting one summer morning, they begin a relationship that spans millenniums, and its not always a happy one.
    A Heart of Stone

    Story: Divergence (Update Part 9!)


    Author: Seattle_Lite
    Description: A different approach to Rainbow Dash's story in Episode 2. The most loyal of ponies faces the most difficult test of her virtue; does she hold the greater loyalty to her friends wishes and esteem for her, or their safety and wellbeing?

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